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 Psychedelic Garden Capsule Collection / 2022 ✿ 

Take a stroll in Moon Convos & Jüü Jüü’s Psychedelic Garden 🍄🌸🌈🛸⛲️🌼🏡  a place where you discover your inner child, joy and freedom. It’s always sunny here and you are always welcomed to be yourself. ✨ 

Combining the magical powers of both crystals & Jüü Jüü’s creation. You will find Amethyst, Tanzanite and Clear Quartz placed in the Psychedelic Garden intentionally to protect your journey in life. Amethyst to shield us from negativity and enhance our creativity and intuition. Expanding our minds to new places and ideas. Tanzanite vibrating the energy of happiness, inspiring us to feel more centered and overcome any fear and obstacles we face.  

We hope this collection brings you the energy you’re seeking for and a reminder that happiness is just around the corner 🦄🌈 everything is happening for you and not to you. 

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