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Jüü Jüü is a jewellery brand founded in 2020. Jüü Jüü found its name in the Cantonese translation of “beads” and was named after founder Judy Lacy.  Established during the thick of the pandemic, Jüü Jüü is a feel-good brand manifested from mystical pragmatism that serve to spread positivity amongst its believers.

Inspired by the maximalist culture of 90’s and 00’s, designs by Jüü Jüü are anchored in the dreamy nostalgia of femininity defined by unapologetic icons such as  Sailor Moon and retro Japanese and Cantonese divas. With an affinity for other- worldly aesthetics, the brand is conjured of elven charms and joyful phantasm. Jüü Jüü transports one through a paradisiacal labyrinth of dazzling mysticism, bestowing wearers charms of exquisite playfulness and urban romanticism.Its designs exude the magical transformative power of Sailor Guardians, encapsulating in its jewelleries courageous energy for self-expression and positive manifestations.