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⋆˚ 。⋆•̩̩͙˚˚₊‧  Jüü Jüü  x CLOT  ‧₊˚˚•̩̩͙⋆。˚ ⋆ 

Jade beading workshop for CLOT x AIR JORDAN "JADE 5 LOW"  / 2022 

In anticipation to the launch of the CLOT x AIR JORDAN “JADE 5 LOW”, CLOT announces the opening of a month-long JADE POP-UP set to provide us all with a fun and immersive journey into the world of jade. The special pop-up shall kick-start in Hong Kong's Tai Kwun from 7 May 2022, followed by cities from Guangzhou to Chengdu and Hawaii. 

Other than showcases, the CLOT x AIR JORDAN JADE POP-UP at Tai Kwun will also be playing host to three different weekend workshops. From creating charming beading necklaces, to making elegant resin trinket boxes, and carving traditional Chinese calligraphy seals, these workshops shall offer visitors a fun experience playing with the different ideas of incorporating jade into modern life.

With a name derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of “beads”, Jüü Jüü is a feel-good beading jewelry brand founded by Judy Lacy that promotes self-expression and positive manifestations. At this workshop, participants will be able to make their own charming necklace with silver chains, jade-tone beads, oyster pearls and more. Join to learn all about the basics of stringing beads including the use of beading tools, different choices of beading wires and jewelry finds, as well as proper finishing techniques.


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